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After a life-long love for all things jewelry, creating and designing my own seemed absolute. Soon, my creations became loved and requested by my lovely teacher colleagues and the story was written from there!

Jewelry is personality.

Jewelry is the outfit.

Jewelry is happiness.

Without the perfect pair of earrings, I feel like I'm living a bad dream... you know, the one where you go out in public with no shoes, or no bra. Eeeks!

Find the perfect start to a new you, new day with a pair of trendy clay earrings, a natural stone bracelet, or a vintage inspired necklace.

earring teardrop model_edited.jpg


Timeless Charm Jewelry and Decor was created by us, a husband and wife team, out of the small town of Yulee, Fl.

A huge love for creating and spending time together turned a small hobby into an exciting adventure. We use our time spent at various markets as an opportunity to travel with our munchkins and partake in other makers' dreams. 

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